The First Smart Logistics Company in China Employs Hydrogen-powered Heavy Trucks to Empower Green Logistics.

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On December 8th, Chengdu, Sichuan successfully held the launch ceremony for the "Green Low-Carbon, Technology Empowering" Hydrogen-powered Heavy Truck Inter-city Logistics Trunk Line. This marks the official commencement of a new chapter in the demonstration and application of clean energy transportation in China's smart logistics.

Hydrogen Trunk

The hydrogen-powered heavy trucks, compared to diesel counterparts, boast characteristics like zero pollution, emissions, and high energy efficiency. This newly established route is not only the first hydrogen "zero-carbon" transport route in Chengdu and Meishan but also serves as the first hydrogen "zero-carbon" tobacco logistics demonstration route in the southwestern region. It will be utilized for transporting tobacco and related materials with an annual mileage of approximately 270,000 kilometers.


This project is dedicated to implementing the national "dual-carbon" goals, actively promoting the transition to "green" transformation. In the future, the project will seize the dual opportunities of developing hydrogen corridors and constructing demonstration cities for fuel cell vehicles. It will collaborate with ecological partners to accelerate the efficient implementation of hydrogen-powered heavy truck demonstrations, continually strengthen new advantages in green development, and make a significant contribution to achieving the "dual-carbon" goals and creating green, low-carbon, and intelligent logistics.

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