The Third Phase of the Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Innovation Center project Has Commenced Construction.

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The third phase of the Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Innovation Center officially commenced construction in the Jiaxing Port area. The project's development will contribute to establishing the port area as the most advantageous hydrogen industry cluster within the Yangtze River Delta, with strengths in hydrogen sources, technology, and the industrial chain.


The third-phase project of the Innovation Center is located within the Yangtze River Delta area covering an area of approximately 58.4 acres with a total investment of 358 million yuan. It will include the construction of research and development centers, demonstration plants, and employee service centers, among other supporting facilities. The R&D center and demonstration plants will meet the current and future comprehensive needs of the hydrogen industry in the park, while the employee service center and other supporting facilities will cater to the daily life needs of the park's employees.

Hydrogen Energy


Hydrogen, as a clean and efficient energy source, is gradually becoming an emerging industry globally. The Yangtze River Delta, with its strategic geographical location, abundant industrial resources, and robust economic strength, provides an ideal environment for the development of the hydrogen industry.


Upon completion of the third phase of the Innovation Center, it will fill the last section of the hydrogen technology park, providing comprehensive services for the entire park and injecting a strong impetus into the the development of China's hydrogen energy industry, aligning with the national goals of "peak carbon" and "carbon neutrality.".


The area will accelerate the transformation of China Hydrogen Technology into an innovative and high-energy-level industrial ecosystem. It aims to attract upstream and downstream enterprises in the hydrogen industry, both domestically and internationally, accelerate innovation, promote the deep integration of hydrogen production, research, and application, and facilitate the leap from conceptual blueprints to practical applications in the hydrogen industry. This will create a demonstration and leading effect in the Yangtze River Delta, radiating across the entire country.

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