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0.5~200Nm3/hr System Alkaline Hydrogen Production Equipment


Alkaline Hydrogen Production Equipment

Product Details

0.5~200Nm3/hr Alkaline Hydrogen Production Equipment


Product parameters

Model Operating Pressure Max Nominal Hydrogen Flow Hydrogen Purity Estimated AC Power Consumption Voltage Installed Power DM Water Consumption Installation Installation Area Dimension
Rubri-0.5-10 10 Barg 0.5Nm3/h 99.999%
Dew point: -60℃
5.8~6kwh/Nm3/h 3ph 220~400VAC 7KVA <1LNm3/H2 Indoor/Outdoor designated Space 0.8m*0.8m*1.2m
Rubri-1-10 1Nm3/h 10KVA 1.1m*0.8m*1.3m
Rubri-2-10 2Nm3/h 20KVA 1.1m*0.8m*1.3m
Rubri-5-16 16 Barg 5Nm3/h 5.4kwh/Nm3/h 3ph 380~415VAC 50KVA 0.6m*1.2m*1.4m
Rubri-10-16 10Nm3/h 100KVA 0.9m*1.8m*1.8m
Rubri-15-16 15Nm3/h 5.3kwh/Nm3/h 120KVA
Rubri-30-16 30Nm3/h 240KVA 1.2m*2.4m*2.2m
Rubri-50-16 16~32 Barg 50Nm3/h 5.2kwh/Nm3/h 3ph 10KVAC 400KVA 20ft ISO Container
Rubri-100-16 100Nm3/h 800KVA 20ft ISO Container
Rubri-150-16 150Nm3/h 5.1kwh/Nm3/h 1200KVA
Rubri-200-16 200Nm3/h 1600KVA

For reference only, the actual parameters shall be subject to the actual products.

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