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Hydrogen fuel cell forklift


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift

Product Details

Highligts of the Truck:  
● Improved driver's view
Standard configuration of wide view mast, compact structure of mast and tube pulley block;
Overhead guard with large arc and grid tray with optimized angle enlarge driver’s upper view.
● Improved safety
Three driving modes offer optional choices for different working condition.
Rear handle with horn button ensure safe while reverse driving;
Height raised rear axle structure,plus 2.1% lateral stability of the whole truck;
Optional automatic deceleration when steering ensures the operation safety.
● High efficiency, no polltion and energy-saving 
The use of electric truck dedicated tire with pattern saves more than 10% of the energy during travelling;
No carbon dioxide consumption and produce water;
The professional matching design of the components prolongs the battery working time by 10%.
● Convenient  maintenance and Quick Refueling
Easily assemblying and disassemblying special side plate and top cover structure;
3-5 minutes' refueling, more quickly than lithium and lead acid bettery.

Key words:

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