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Water cooling hydrogen cell fuel cell battery


hydrogen fuel cell

Product Details

5KW hydrogen fuel cell system 


Sinopower is one of the most famous fuel cell suppliers in China.

In the projects carried out in cooperation with many customers, we have gained rich experience and formed a professional team. We vigorously develop hydrogen production, energy storage and fuel cell systems, integrate the entire hydrogen industry chain in China, and provide customers with one-stop services through years of efforts.
Sinopower provides electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment, fuel cells, hydrogen storage systems and BOP components, as well as fuel cell finished products, such as fuel cell backup power supply / UAV / moped / forklift / bus / truck / ship, etc.
Sinopower also provides hydrogen production and power generation solutions to combine new energy with hydrogen energy.

Water cooling hydrogen cell fuel cell battery homemade hydrogen fuel cell


2.Product parameters 

Power Rating

0 to 5KW @ 20°C at 101.3 kPa

Current Rating

0 to 47A *2 @54V


Voltage Adjustable

43.2 to 57.6 Vdc

Voltage ripple


Altitude De-rating

3.5% per 500m over 1,000m

Temperature De-rating

1.25% per °C over 40°C

Standby Power Consumption

Approximately3% at peak power (DC)


Hydrogen and Air


Air (integrated cooling fan)

H2 inlet pressure


Hydrogen purity

99.995 dry H2


0.78 Nm3/kWh (Average at max. load)

Start up time

2minute at ambient temperature

Start up time

2minute at ambient temperature

Efficiency of stack

42% at peak power

Max noise

Normal operation: <70 dBa at 1.5 meters


Controller Dimension (WxDxH)

(430mm x 550mm x 150mm )*2

Stack Dimension (WxDxH)

(430mm x 550mm x 356mm )*2

Controller Weight

15*2 kg

Stack Weight (with accessory and case)

40.3*2 kg


Ambient temperature

-10°C to + 45°C Standard (winter kit needed when temperature is below 0°C,during operation)

Recommended cold start temp

Above 5° C

Relative Humidity

095% NonCondensing

Storage Temperature

20°C to + 50°C Standard



RS485 or RS232

For reference only, the actual parameters shall be subject to the actual products.


3. Applications

  • Back-up power system
  • Hydrogen bicycle/ scooter
  • Hydrogen fuel cell UAV
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
  • Hydrogen energy teaching aids
  • Case display


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