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Bearing the aim of carbon neutrality in mind, we, Hefei Sinopower Technologies Co. Ltd. devote ourselves to the promotion and application of clean energy technologies and products.


We develop heavily in hydrogen production, energy storage and fuel cell systems and integrate the whole industrial chain of hydrogen around the world, providing one-stop service for clients through efforts of years. There are various fuel cell products tailored to different needs, such as hydrogen e-bike, UAV, forklift, ship, backup battery, cogeneration system, etc. We are pleased to provide complete resolving proposal and products in all these aspects.


Bearing the aim of carbon neutrality in mind


Fuel cell is an energy conversion device.


According to the electrochemical principle, that is, the working principle of primary cell, it directly converts the chemical energy stored in fuel and oxidant into electrical energy isothermal. Therefore, the actual process is redox reaction.


Fuel cell is mainly composed of four parts: anode, cathode, electrolyte and external circuit. Fuel gas and oxidation gas are respectively introduced from the anode and cathode of the fuel cell.



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