China's 90MPa Hydrogen Compressor Has been Successfully Developed, and A Breakthrough Has Been Made in Orders

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The 90MPa hydrogen compressor has been developed in China, the product performance has reached the international advanced level, and has passed the performance assessment under the hydrogen medium, which has achieved a breakthrough in orders.Its product structure is D-type diaphragm type, the intake pressure can meet the fluctuation of 4-20MPa, the exhaust pressure is 90MPa, and the exhaust flow is over 350Nm³/h.The product adopts a highly modular design, which has laid a good foundation for higher cost performance, short delivery time and more convenient operation and maintenance.In addition to being committed to promoting the development of domestic diaphragm compressors to high pressure and large displacement, this research and development product also directly overcomes the application pain points such as the start and stop limitations of hydrogen diaphragm compressors, high pressure stability, process route optimization and so on.