What is the structure of china fuel cell stack

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china fuel cell stack is not the actual battery stacked together, but a fuel cell term, which refers to a battery stack composed of multiple fuel cells in order to obtain a practical voltage. china fuel cell stack The key is the material and manufacturing technology that make up the battery stack. China fuel cell stack materials must have sufficient chemical stability and thermal stability. The electrochemical performance must meet the requirements, and all technical conditions must also be consistent in order to obtain good benefits. Size and weight should be minimized.

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The structure of china fuel cell stack has two basic parts: electrode frame and its accessories, frame combination. The frame can be injection molded, formed by filter press technology or, if plastic, welded. Obviously, the design and construction of the china fuel cell stack must ensure that the electrolyte, hydrogen and oxidant are arranged very compactly.

China fuel cell stack has become one of the key factors for the development of China's fuel cell industry. Domestic stacks with low cost, high performance and mass supply are the key to the cost reduction of fuel cell vehicles to compete with traditional vehicles.

At present, China's fuel cell stack has made great progress, and key components can be localized to varying degrees. Although there is still a gap with the international advanced level, with continuous investment, we believe that the gap will be shortened rapidly.

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