China Achieves Major Technological Breakthroughs in High-Efficiency Storage and Transportation of Liquid Hydrogen

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The domestically produced '5-ton/day Hydrogen Liquefaction System Cold Box,' independently developed by China Academy of Aerospace, has been successfully rolled out. This product represents China's first large-scale hydrogen liquefaction system core equipment with a continuous regenerative heat exchanger, marking a significant technological breakthrough in the high-efficiency storage and transportation of liquid hydrogen. It stands shoulder to shoulder with international advanced levels in terms of intelligence, unit energy consumption, and other aspects.



According to information available, the '5-ton/day Hydrogen Liquefaction System Cold Box,' developed by China Academy of Aerospace, has achieved breakthroughs in five key technologies in the production of liquid hydrogen equipment. These include the "Liquid Nitrogen Pre-cooling—Hydrogen Claude Cycle Refrigeration Liquefaction Process," "Large Deep Low-Temperature Horizontal Cold Box Integration," "High-Capacity-High-Reliability Hydrogen Turbo Expander," "Continuous High-Efficiency Ortho-Para Hydrogen Conversion Heat Exchanger," and an "Advanced Intelligent Control System integrating Fault Diagnosis, Automatic Start-Stop, and Variable Operating Condition Adaptive Control." With over 20 proprietary technologies, it incorporates independent design and integration of core components such as the hydrogen turbo expander, control system, catalyst, and continuous heat exchanger, offering features like high heat exchange efficiency, large output, and safety and reliability.

The domestically manufactured "5-ton/day Hydrogen Liquefaction System Cold Box" is set to begin production in 2024. This advancement is expected to elevate China's hydrogen liquefaction equipment production, reduce storage and transportation costs, and contribute significantly to the country's energy system transformation. It will serve as a key technological foundation, promoting the development of China's hydrogen energy industry.

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