What you need to know about customized hydrogen electrolyzer in china

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  1. Customized hydrogen electrolyzer in china has good dimensional accuracy, easy installation and adjustment

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  Vinyl resin integral pouring electrolytic cell is made by one-time integral casting of mold, which has good integrity, high dimensional accuracy, accurate embedded parts, and can be hoisted in place and flattened. The installation is simple and easy to adjust, the installation period is greatly shortened, and the installation environment is good. , No toxic dust brought by traditional FRP lining on-site grinding.

  2. Customized hydrogen electrolyzer in china to improve product quality

  The vinyl resin integral casting electrolytic cell is anti-corrosion as a whole, which solves the problems of the electrolyte infiltration and CaSO4 (calcium sulfate) pollution, which affects the quality of the cathode plate, and can reduce the leakage caused by the electrolytic cell. Corrosion of the electrolytic cell accessories.

  3. Customized hydrogen electrolyzer in china purifies the environment and reduces cleaning water consumption

  The vinyl resin integral casting electrolytic cell has a long service life and is maintenance-free. The traditional FRP lining needs to be replaced and redone after a few years. The replaced FRP will not degrade and will adhere to the electrolyte, causing environmental pollution and valuable metal damage. The edges and corners of the optimally designed electrolytic cell are designed with arcs, which means less water and shorter cleaning time when cleaning the tank.

  4. Customized hydrogen electrolyzer in china finished product super electrolyzer group

  5. It can improve the current efficiency

  Customized hydrogen electrolyzer in china The structural layer reinforcement of vinyl resin integral casting electrolyzer does not use steel rebar, and there is no eddy current generated on the tank wall under the condition of strong current electrolysis, plus its good insulation, its current efficiency is also will be improved.

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