Hydrogen electrolyzer supplier(s) Talking about the advantages of super electrolyzer

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1. The hydrogen electrolyzer supplier(s) has a long service life

Vinyl resin integral casting electrolytic cell adopts vinyl resin and quartz sand aggregate, all materials are anti-corrosion, so the service life is long; the production process adopts integral casting, which effectively solves the problem of stress shrinkage and linear expansion of assembly cells.

Hydrogen electrolyzer supplier(s)

2. High strength

hydrogen electrolyzer supplier(s) The electrolytic cell is made of vinyl ester resin and quartz sand as base materials, and is cast as a whole at a specific temperature. The compressive strength is >80MPa, which is more than 2.5 times the strength of traditional cement+FRP electrolytic cells. It can effectively Solve the damage caused by the collision of cathode and anode in the electrolytic cell in use.

3. Hydrogen electrolyzer supplier(s) thinks to reduce the floor space and save the investment of workshop and supporting beams

The vinyl resin integrally cast electrolytic cell has high strength, and the cell wall of the electrolytic cell can be reduced from the current 115-150mm to 70-100mm.

4. Hydrogen electrolyzer supplier(s) reminds maintenance-free and improves the utilization rate of electrolyzers

Due to its reliable quality, super corrosion resistance and high strength, the vinyl resin integral casting electrolytic cell has achieved its maintenance-free performance, which can enable enterprises to avoid frequent maintenance, solve tank deformation, leakage, and endless The waste of manpower, material resources and time caused by headaches such as repairing and replacing the tank body.

hydrogen electrolyzer supplier(s)