China's first large-scale biogas hydrogen production and hydrogenation integrated project was put into operation

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China's first large-scale biogas hydrogen production and hydrogenation integrated project was put into operation.
Recently, China's first large-scale integrated biogas hydrogen production and hydrogenation project, the renewable energy (biogas) hydrogen production project, was officially put into operation, with an annual output of approximately 2,200 tons of hydrogen.It is understood that the renewable energy (biogas) hydrogen production project adopts a mature and reliable steam reforming process, which is currently recognized as the best process solution at home and abroad. Among them, hydrogen production mainly includes three stages: desulfurization and decarbonization of biogas in the front stage and purification into natural gas, water vapor conversion of natural gas in the middle stage, and hydrogen purification by pressure swing adsorption of converted gas in the back stage.
At the same time, next to the hydrogen production project, there is a food waste project and three domestic waste incineration power generation projects. The fermentation of food waste will produce a large amount of biogas, and the leachate of domestic waste will also produce biogas. By cooperating with solid waste treatment project resources, this biogas will be collected and transported to the hydrogen production station using closed pipelines to provide sufficient raw materials for hydrogen production.
According to the person in charge of the project, the project uses biogas generated from food waste as raw material, which not only effectively reduces the cost of hydrogen production, but also does not increase carbon emissions during the production process. The hydrogen produced is green hydrogen, and the hydrogen production project Combined with application scenarios in hydrogen energy industry, transportation and other fields, the project is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 1 million tons after reaching production.
The formal commissioning of the renewable energy (biogas) hydrogen production project can not only effectively alleviate the local hydrogen source supply problem, but also help gradually reduce the cost of hydrogen use.
The commissioning of the project marks the successful integration of industries and links such as kitchen processing, biogas hydrogen production, hydrogenation services, sanitation, and hydrogenation operation of collection and transportation vehicles, and truly realizes the integrated model of hydrogen production,
addition, transportation, and use.
The local government stated that in the future, it will operate the project with high standards, explore breakthroughs in key technologies, further improve operational efficiency, exert the synergistic effects of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, andpromote the realization of carbon peak carbon neutrality and the goal of building a "waste-free city".