The first 45-ton hydrogen fuel cell reachstacker in China released

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Recently, the 16th China International Engineering Machinery and Mining Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference was grandly held in Beijing. At this event, the country’s first 45-ton hydrogen fuel cell reach stacker was released.
This equipment is equipped with a vehicle-mounted hydrogen supply system. It is the hydrogen fuel cell industrial vehicle lifting equipment with the largest lifting capacity in the world, filling an international gap in this field. In terms of hydrogen storage efficiency and stability, it has reached the domestic leading level. It can solve the pain points of high energy consumption and high emissions of large-scale lifting equipment in ports, and contribute new strength to the construction of smart ports and green ports.
Low-carbon development and green transformation of energy have gradually become an urgent need for countries around the world. The hydrogen energy industry has developed into a new energy industry that major economies in the world are competing for deployment. It is also an important strategic direction for the global energy technology revolution and transformation development. Currently, in the face of increasingly severe climate and environmental challenges, my country has anchored on the "dual carbon" goal, deeply implemented the green and low-carbon energy transformation policy, and actively promoted the development of the hydrogen energy industry. At present, the fuel cell and hydrogen energy
industry has shown a rapid start-up trend in our country, and the applicationof hydrogen fuel cell technology in the field of industrial vehicles has officially entered the practical stage. In order to further promote the development of China's green and low-carbon industries and the use of new energy for industrial vehicles and port equipment, China's leading new energy companies jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement on port applications and supporting support. In the future, all parties will use their respective advantages to actively promote the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell industrial vehicles across the
At the same time, these new energy industry companies have also jointly launched the "Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industrial Vehicle Carbon Emissions Accounting Project" with many research institutions. This move will become a key link in the innovation and development of fuel cell technology and hydrogen energy
industry chain. , will also further improve China's carbon emissions trading mechanism and promote the development of China's industrial vehicles in a green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly direction.