A range of 245km! The world's first hydrogen energy smart tram "sets sail" in Malaysia.

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On the evening of July 14th, the world's first hydrogen energy intelligent tram independently developed by China was successfully shipped and departed. In a few days, it will be shipped from Port of Shanghai to Malaysia, which is also the first batch of smart trams delivered to Southeast Asia.

The intelligent tram will be used for urban transportation services in Malaysia, with the vehicle adopting a hydrogen energy power system for the first time, which has the advantages of longer range, shorter refueling time, lower carbon, energy conservation, and environmental protection. The whole vehicle is upgraded through intelligent design and has higher "wisdom", which is highly consistent with the demand of Malaysia to achieve zero emissions and intelligent public transport system.


The world's first hydrogen powered smart rail car is running on test roads.

At the same time, the vehicle innovatively adopts a 70MPa hydrogen storage system and a high-power fuel cell system, with a range of up to 245 kilometers. The vehicle is also equipped with a distributed power system, which is more compact, lightweight, and powerful, providing citizens of Kuching with a more comfortable and efficient travel experience.

Considering that Malaysia has a Tropical rainforest climate climate and is hot and rainy all the year round, the research and development team has optimized the vehicle structure design, material technology and other aspects to make the vehicle performance more suitable for the local climate environment.

It is understood that after the "sea bound" smart tram arrives in Malaysia, it will undergo a 3-month trial run.