The total investment is 11.64 billion yuan! The 450000 ton green hydrogen green methanol project in Xinjiang has started construction.

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On April 28th, the 450000 ton green hydrogen green methanol project in Xinjiang held a commencement ceremony in the industrial park.

The total investment of the Xinjiang Industrial Park project is 11.64 billion yuan, consisting of wind power equipment, hydrogen production equipment, "Liquid Sunshine" green hydrogen green methanol and other industries, including "six bases, four central parks, and" Liquid Sunshine "green hydrogen green methanol project park". The overall planning of the industrial park is divided into three phases of construction. In the first phase, it is planned to achieve an annual production of 400 sets of intelligent wind turbine equipment, 200 sets of wind power towers, 300 sets of large-scale electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment, 400 sets of engine hood flow hoods, and 400 sets of electrical systems. The "Green Hydrogen Green Methanol Phase I Project of 50000 tons" will be completed; The second phase plans to build an annual production of 800 sets of wind turbine blades, a wind power equipment research and development center, a full power testing center, a semi physical simulation center, and a wind and solar power intelligent operation and maintenance center, and to complete the "Green Hydrogen Green Methanol Phase II 100000 ton project"; The third phase is planned to complete the "300000 ton green hydrogen methanol project", and it is planned to complete the production of the first batch of green hydrogen green methanol by August 30, 2024