160km/h! The World's First Hydrogen Energy Market Train Appears in Shanghai

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Recently, at the 2023 China Brand Day event held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall, CRRC's latest green and low-carbon technology achievement - hydrogen energy urban trains - was heavily released at the 2023 China Brand Day event site.

The hydrogen energy urban train released this time has a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour and can achieve an ultra long range of 600 kilometers.

The hydrogen energy urban trains released this time have the characteristics of digitization and intelligence. The vehicles adopt the highest level of autonomous driving technology, which can achieve intelligent driving functions such as automatic wake-up, automatic start stop, and automatic return to the depot; At the same time, the vehicle to vehicle communication system is adopted to optimize the vehicle control process, greatly improving the efficiency and safety reliability of train operation. The train is equipped with multiple intelligent detection systems and thousands of intelligent sensors, such as accompanying doctors, who can conduct self examinations and self sensing at any time. They can automatically monitor, diagnose, and protect the hydrogen storage system and hydrogen fuel cell system, ensuring the safety and reliability of the hydrogen system during driving. The train adopts 5G high-capacity train-ground communication technology to achieve multi network integration of train-ground information transmission. Big data analysis technology is used to evaluate the train operation status and ensure driving safety.

Hydrogen energy is a clean, zero carbon renewable energy source with high energy density, diverse acquisition methods, and clean production and use processes. It is an important new energy choice for the country to promote the implementation of the dual carbon strategy.