hydrogen electrolyzer factory takes you to understand the electrolyzer

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  The electrolytic cell consists of a cell body, an anode and a cathode, and most of them are separated from the anode chamber and the cathode chamber by a diaphragm. The hydrogen electrolyzer factory is divided into three types: aqueous electrolysis cells, molten salt electrolysis cells and non-aqueous solution electrolysis cells according to the different electrolytes. When direct current passes through the electrolytic cell, oxidation reaction occurs at the interface between the anode and the solution, and reduction reaction occurs at the interface between the cathode and the solution to produce the desired product.

hydrogen electrolyzer factory

  The hydrogen electrolyzer factory optimizes the structure of the electrolytic cell, and selects the electrode and diaphragm materials reasonably, which are the keys to improving the current efficiency, reducing the cell voltage and saving energy consumption.

  The distance between the cathode and anode is one of the important factors affecting the cell voltage. As the electrode spacing increases, the ohmic voltage drop in the slot increases, and the slot voltage increases. Especially when working with high current, this voltage loss is more serious. The hydrogen electrolyzer factory found that modern electrolyzers use various measures to reduce the pole spacing, such as the use of diffusion anodes, modified diaphragms to make zero pole spacing electrolyzer structures, etc.

  The electrodes in the electrolytic cell are compactly installed vertically, the conductive plates are easy to connect, and it is beneficial to reduce the bubble effect. Because there are often air bubbles on the surface of the electrode from the hydrogen electrolyzer factory with gas evolution, the working surface area of ​​the electrode will be reduced. In addition, the solution near the electrode will also be filled with bubbles, increasing the resistance of the solution, a phenomenon called "bubble effect".

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