Daily hydrogen supply of 1000 kilograms! The first hydrogen integrated gas station in Beijing has started running.

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On March 31st, hydrogen refueling vehicles were welcomed at the Sinopec gas station in Daxing District, Beijing. This nearly 40 year old gas station has since gained new functions. This is also the first oil hydrogen integrated station in the southern part of the capital, with a maximum hydrogen storage capacity of 721.5kilograms.   

It is understood that the  hydrogen integrated gas station is a 35MPa secondary refueling and refueling station, with a maximum hydrogen storage capacity of 721.5 kilograms. The design scale is to inject 1000kg of 35MPa hydrogen gas per day (12 hours). One 35MPa dual gun hydrogen refueling machine is set up in the hydrogen refueling area of the station, one unloading column is set up in the hydrogen unloading area, and two 45MPa compressors and supporting chillers are set up in the hydrogen compression area, which can compress an average of 41.6 kilograms of hydrogen gas per hour; One set of 12 cubic meters and 45 MPa hydrogen storage bottle group is set up in the hydrogen storage area, with a hydrogen storage capacity of approximately 346.5 kilograms.

In the future, with the scale promotion and application of fuel cell vehicles, the construction of hydrogen refueling stations will gradually improve. The largest hydrogen refueling station in the world with the highest daily hydrogen refueling capacity put into use in Daxing District is in good operation, with an average daily hydrogen refueling capacity of 2.8 tons; In 2023, Daxing District plans to build two more integrated oil and hydrogen stations, accelerate the construction of two pure hydrogen stations in the stable circulation park and the airport area. By the end of 2025, no less than 10 hydrogen refueling stations will be built to fully meet the hydrogen refueling needs of fuel cell vehicles.