China's First Civilian Liquid Hydrogen Tank Car Starts

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On the morning of March 2, the opening ceremony of the first domestic civilian liquid hydrogen tank car was held. Liquid hydrogen storage and transportation technology is one of the core supporting technologies for national strategic competition worldwide, belonging to the "bottleneck" strategic emerging industry technology. Before that, China had no civilian liquid hydrogen storage and transportation equipment, and liquid hydrogen storage tanks were only used in the field of space launch. Civil liquid hydrogen storage and transportation equipment has been a difficult problem that China has been eager to solve for many years, and the research and development work has milestone significance and profound social value.


In the future, there will be more excellent research and development platforms and excellent research and development teams, continuously deepening research on liquid hydrogen products, and further promoting the process of commercial operation of the entire industrial chain of civil liquid hydrogen. At the same time, integrate internal and external hydrogen energy industry chain resources, jointly develop more hydrogen energy application scenarios, and help achieve the national dual carbon goal.

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