Specific introduction of Wholesale pem electrolyzer

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Wholesale pem electrolyzer uses PEM to conduct protons, isolate the gas on both sides of the electrode, and avoid the disadvantages associated with AWE using strong alkaline liquid electrolytes. Wholesale pem electrolyzer uses PEM as the electrolyte and pure water as the reactant. In addition, the hydrogen permeability of PEM is low, so the hydrogen produced is of high purity and only needs to remove water vapor; the electrolyzer adopts a zero-pitch structure with low ohmic resistance.



A wholesale pem electrolyzer can significantly improve the overall efficiency of the electrolysis process, and the volume is more compact; the pressure regulation range is large, and the hydrogen output pressure can reach several MPa, adapting to the rapidly changing renewable energy power input. Therefore, hydrogen production by PEM electrolysis of water is a promising green hydrogen production technology path.
It should also be noted that the bottleneck of PEM water electrolysis hydrogen production is cost and life. The cost of a Wholesale pem electrolyzer is about 48% for the bipolar plate and about 10% for the membrane electrode. The current international advanced level of PEM is: the performance of a single cell is 2 A cm–2@2 V, the total platinum-based catalyst loading is 2-3 mg/cm2, and the stable operation time is 60,000-80,000 h.
The research on reducing the cost of Wholesale pem electrolyzers focuses on the core components such as the catalyst, PEM-based membrane electrode, gas diffusion layer, and bipolar plate.
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Wholesale pem electrolyzer