Features of customizable pem electrolyzer China

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1) Customizable pem electrolyzer China uses a proton exchange membrane to isolate the gas on both sides of the electrode, avoiding the disadvantage of easy gas permeation of the alkaline electrolytic hydrogen production diaphragm. (2) The equipment mainly includes Customizable pem electrolyzer China and BOP; (3) The current cost is relatively high.

Customizable pem electrolyzer ChinaCustomizable pem electrolyzer China uses solid proton exchange membrane PEM as electrolyte and pure water as a reactant. Due to the low hydrogen permeability of the PEM electrolyte, the hydrogen produced is of high purity.
Customizable pem electrolyzer China only needs to remove water vapor, the process is simple, and the safety is high; the electrolyzer adopts a zero-spacing structure, and the ohmic resistance is low, which significantly improves the overall efficiency of the electrolysis process, and the volume is more compact; the pressure control range is large, hydrogen The output pressure can reach several MPa, adapting to the rapidly changing renewable energy power input.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the features of customizable pem electrolyzer China, hope it helps you.

Customizable pem electrolyzer China