Chinese Companies Enter into Direct Hydrogen Production from Seawater

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Recently, a team of Chinese scientists developed the world's first 400L/h seawater in-situ direct electrolysis hydrogen production technology and equipment, which has operated continuously for over 3200 hours in Shenzhen Bay seawater, convincingly achieving a stable and large-scale hydrogen production process from seawater! At the same time, the principle technology can be explored and extended to diversified water resources (such as river water, wastewater, salt lake, etc.) for direct in-situ hydrogen production, providing a new idea of multi-effect utilization for resource enrichment and energy production.The team signed a cooperation agreement with the enterprise for "pilot testing and industrialization of the original technology of in-situ direct electrolysis of hydrogen production without desalination of seawater", and invested 30 million RMB(about $4,380,000 Dollars) for research and development to obtain the intellectual property rights of the original technology patent and related materials reported by Nature, and formed a cooperative alliance to follow up the pilot testing and demonstration of the original technology, iterative upgrading and promotion of industrialization.