Characteristics of hydrogen production equipment for pem electrolyzers

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  Hydrogen production by electrolysis of water in pem electrolytic cell means that the DC power supply enters the electrolytic cell filled with electrolyte solution, and the water produces electrochemical reaction on the metal electrode, which can be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen, and the whole process can complete zero emission. In the overall production chain, the pem electrolyzer is the main medium of the facility. Usually the structure of PEM electrolytic cell can be divided into three parts, namely pickling tank, anode and cathode.

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  As a special electrical equipment, alkaline pem electrolyzer has its particularity. The characteristics and working constraints of alkaline electrolyzers can be summarized as follows:

  1) PEM electrolytic cell opening characteristics

  When the pem electrolytic cell starts, because the temperature of the electrolytic cell is not high, the temperature condition for hydrogen production cannot be reached, and the power consumed at this time is used to generate heat to increase the temperature of the electrolytic cell; when the power of the electrolytic cell is continuously increased to Hydrogen can be produced, and the power at this time is the thermal insulation power of the electrolyzer. Therefore, it takes a long time to start the alkaline electrolyzer.

  2) Overload characteristics of pem electrolyzer

  When the pem electrolyzer is working, its power can exceed the rated power for a short time, reaching 110%~130% of the rated power. Using this feature, the configuration capacity of the electrolyzer can be reduced.

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