What are the principles of pem electrolyzer

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  The main structure of pem electrolyzer is similar to fuel cell stack, which is divided into membrane electrode, electrode plate and gas diffusion layer. The anode of the PEM electrolytic cell is in a strongly acidic environment (pH≈2) and the electrolysis voltage is 1.4~2.0 V. Most non-precious metals will corrode and may combine with the sulfonate ions in the PEM electrolytic cell, thereby reducing the ability of the PEM to conduct protons.

pem electrolyzer

  The electrocatalyst research of pem electrolyzer is mainly about Ir, Ru and other noble metals/oxides and their binary and ternary alloys/mixed oxides, supported catalysts with titanium material as carrier. The current anode iridium catalyst loading is on the order of 1 mg/cm2, and the Pt loading of the cathode Pt/C catalyst is about 0.4-0.6 mg/cm2.

  The anode of PEM electrolysis water needs to be resistant to acid environment corrosion, high potential corrosion resistance, and should have a suitable hole structure for the passage of gas and water. Limited by the reaction conditions of PEM water electrolysis, membrane electrode materials (such as carbon materials) commonly used in PEM fuel cells cannot be used for water electrolysis anodes.

pem electrolyzer