Safety precautions for electrolyzer startup of customized hydrogen electrolyzer products

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  (1) Before electrifying the customized hydrogen electrolyzer product, all electromechanical equipment must be checked, it should be safe and reliable, the appliances used should be in good condition, the raw materials must be prepared, and it should be fully preheated with permission.

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  (2) Alkali and cryolite must be mixed evenly, so as to avoid electrolyte splashing and hurting people during startup.

  (3) When the customized hydrogen electrolyzer product is installed in the furnace, the guide rod and the large busbar must be smoothed, so as to prevent the guide rod from scratching the large busbar and causing the busbar to be loose and causing bias current to the anode.

  (4) Before the shunt is disassembled, the production personnel cannot touch the shunt with bare hands. When disassembling the shunt, the operator must wear protective equipment to avoid burns.

  (5) When adding cryolite and alkali, work smoothly to prevent scalds from stepping on your feet in the tank. Before adding alkali, it must be preheated to avoid explosion and make the electrolyte separate and hurt people.

  (6) When salvaging carbon slag with customized hydrogen electrolyzer products, do not let the carbon slag spoon touch the anode, so as to avoid flower damage.

  (7) When pouring electrolyte, the operation should be balanced, and irrelevant personnel must stay away from the chute to avoid scalding accidents caused by electrolyte splashing. The chute must be fully preheated before use.

  (8) When the customized hydrogen electrolyzer product is filled with aluminum: the voltage must be raised in time to prevent the voltage from being raised too slowly, causing the electrolyte to flow out of the tank and break the anode flexible belt bus.

  (9) When lifting the voltage, a special person should be responsible. When pushing and scraping the material, pay attention to stand firm to prevent accidents.

  (10) When the on-site personnel of customized hydrogen electrolyzer products find unsafe conditions in the equipment and operating positions, they must report to the on-site command personnel immediately, and the operation can be continued only after the danger has been eliminated.

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