Bearing the aim of carbon neutrality in mind, we, Hefei Sinopower Technologies Co. Ltd. devote ourselves to the promotion and application of clean energy technologies and products. We develop heavily in hydrogen production, energy storage and fuel cell systems and integrate the whole industrial chain of hydrogen around the world, providing one-stop service for clients through efforts of years. There are various fuel cell products tailored to different needs, such as hydrogen e-bike, UAV, forklift, ship, backup battery, cogeneration system, etc. We are pleased to provide complete resolving proposal and products in all these aspects.

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How to choose a pem electrolyzer manufacturer

When we use electrolyzed water to produce hydrogen, we must have a lot of knowledge points that need to be understood, and when purchasing pem electrolyzers, we can also choose different brands from the aspects of product quality, market price, consumer recognition, etc., In order to allow everyone to buy high-quality products, let's talk about how to choose a pem electrolyzer manufacturer?

Do you know how solenoid valve works?

There is a closed cavity in the solenoid valve. There are through holes in different positions. Each hole leads to different oil pipes. There is a valve in the middle of the cavity and two electromagnets on both sides. The valve body will be attracted to which side when the magnet coil is electrified.

Working principle and application of hydrogen valve

The high-pressure chamber of the hydrogen valve is connected with the steel cylinder, and the low-pressure chamber is the gas outlet and leads to the use system. The indication of the high pressure gauge is the pressure of the gas stored in the cylinder. The outlet pressure of low pressure gauge can be controlled by adjusting screw.

What are the principles of pem electrolyzer

The main structure of pem electrolyzer is similar to fuel cell stack, which is divided into membrane electrode, electrode plate and gas diffusion layer. The anode of the PEM electrolytic cell is in a strongly acidic environment (pH≈2) and the electrolysis voltage is 1.4~2.0 V. Most non-precious metals will corrode and may combine with the sulfonate ions in the PEM electrolytic cell, thereby reducing the ability of the PEM to conduct protons.

Five advantages of solenoid valve

Five advantages of solenoid valve

Characteristics of hydrogen production equipment for pem electrolyzers

Hydrogen production by electrolysis of water in pem electrolytic cell means that the DC power supply enters the electrolytic cell filled with electrolyte solution, and the water produces electrochemical reaction on the metal electrode, which can be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen, and the whole process can complete zero emission. In the overall production chain, the pem electrolyzer is the main medium of the facility.

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