The first 90MPa light weight liquid hydrogen vaporizer in China has passed liquid hydrogen testing

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The first 90MPa light weight liquid hydrogen vaporizer in China has passed liquid hydrogen testing

On August 8th, China's self-developed lightweight high-pressure liquid hydrogen vaporizer passed the liquid hydrogen test in one go, with a working pressure of 88MPa and no deformation or leakage. The core parameters such as flow rate, working pressure, outlet temperature, and heat exchange rate all met the expected goals. This test is the first real medium test of a 90MPa level liquid hydrogen vaporizer conducted in China. The successful completion of the test marks a significant breakthrough in the field of 90MPa pressure level and liquid hydrogen temperature zone air temperature vaporizers in China.

The high-pressure liquid hydrogen vaporizer is one of the core equipment of the liquid hydrogen storage and hydrogenation system, and is a key equipment to ensure the implementation of the core process. At present, foreign countries have implemented a technical blockade on the design and manufacturing process of high-pressure liquid hydrogen vaporizers in China. There are few development and application cases of high-pressure liquid hydrogen vaporizers in China, and the testing conditions are insufficient (mostly for liquid nitrogen condition testing). The development foundation is based on the imitation of liquid nitrogen and LNG vaporizers, and the safety and functionality are difficult to verify. There is no mature product yet.

In response to the above issues, we actively investigate the market and explore technological barriers. Through phase change process simulation analysis, comprehensive parameter matching of liquid hydrogen refueling stations, research on hydrogen safety monitoring technology, optimization of heat transfer methods, and overall lightweight design, project members overcome difficulties and successfully developed a lightweight liquid hydrogen vaporizer with fully independent intellectual property rights. Compared with the traditional air temperature low temperature vaporizer with the same vaporization amount, the volume is reduced by more than 40%, the material cost is saved by more than 20%, and the floor area is reduced by more than 45%. It has strong technical progressiveness.

The preparation stage for the experiment has gone through several months, completing multi-dimensional preparations such as the construction of the test bench, safety pre assessment, improvement of explosion-proof measures, and fire emergency support. We have also coordinated with a professional liquid rocket engine testing team to take on the command of the experiment, providing strong support for the successful completion of the liquid hydrogen experiment. The on-site testing personnel carefully checked all parameters and did not overlook any details, leaving no problems to ensure the smooth progress of the liquid hydrogen test. The test includes blowing, replacement, filling, pre cooling, and stepwise pressurization, and the final liquid hydrogen test achieved a complete success. The inlet pressure of the vaporizer reached 88MPa, the outlet temperature reached the expected target, and all indicators met the requirements, filling the gap in the lack of practical use and testing experience in the liquid hydrogen temperature range of domestic high-pressure vaporizers.

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