pem electrolyzer factory shares what is the electrolyzer

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  The pem electrolyzer factory believes that the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen means that the DC power supply enters the electrolyzer filled with the electrolyte solution, and the water produces an electrochemical reaction on the metal electrode, which can be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen, and the whole process can complete zero emission.

  The pem electrolyzer plant found that the electrolyzer was the main medium of the facility in the overall production chain. Usually the structure of the electrolytic cell can be divided into three parts, namely the pickling tank, the anode and the cathode. When the DC power supply is used in the electrolytic cell, the anode and the aqueous solution have a redox reaction, and the cathode and the aqueous solution have a passivation reaction.

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  As the most mature and stable electrolysis technology, alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) is dominant, especially in some engineering projects. The diaphragm of alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production electrolyzer is mainly composed of high polymer raw materials, which has the effect of separating out the gas.

  The main equipment of the alkaline electrolysis unit of the pem electrolyzer factory is the electrolyzer. Before the electrolyzer, the pem electrolyzer factory suggests that a transformer and a rectifier cabinet should be configured to convert the high-voltage alternating current into the DC power supply used in the electrolyzer for the electrolysis of the water in the electrolyzer.

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