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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike


Hydrogen fuel cell bike hydrogen fuel cell scooter

Product Details

1.Company introduction

Sinopower is one of the most famous fuel cell suppliers in China.

In the projects carried out in cooperation with many customers, we have gained rich experience and formed a professional team. We vigorously develop hydrogen production, energy storage and fuel cell systems, integrate the entire hydrogen industry chain in China, and provide customers with one-stop services through years of efforts.
Sinopower provides electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment, fuel cells, hydrogen storage systems and BOP components, as well as fuel cell finished products, such as fuel cell backup power supply / UAV / moped / forklift / bus / truck / ship, etc.
Sinopower also provides hydrogen production and power generation solutions to combine new energy with hydrogen energy.

Product introductionIt has the characteristics of convenient hydrogen exchange without charging, low-voltage safety, ultra-long cruising range and zero CO2 emissions, which can meet the needs of human low-carbon micro-travel.


1Convenient hydrogen exchange without charging the hydrogen exchange time is less than 2min.

2Ultra-long cruising range a bottle of hydrogen can last more than 110km.

3Safer at low pressurethe hydrogen charging pressure is lower than 10 atmospheres.

4Zero CO2 emissionthe emission product is water, which is clean and friendly.

2.technical parameter:

Vehicle parameters

control mode

All electric control


400 W

Operating Voltage



<50 kg

maximum load

75 kg

physical dimension

1589*720*1016(LHW, mm)


110 km

Maximum speed (motor assist)

25 km/h

All electric control

technical parameter

proton exchange membrane fuel cell

fuel type


Maximum fuel hydrogen storage capacity

110g(2*1L),~4 kWh

maximum working pressure

< 10 bar

Auxiliary battery

Lithium Ion Battery

Startup temperature range

-5 to 50°C

Operating temperature

-5 to 50°C


bottle change time

< 2 min

Lithium battery charging time

No need to charge



Electronic locks


Display mileage


Start method

keyless start

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